About Us

The Downtown LaGrange Development Authority strives to promote, revitalize and beautify the historic downtown area in an effort to support downtown LaGrange as the heart of our community. Through these efforts, we work to encourage retail and professional business growth in the downtown area, which will benefit the members of our community and enhance the quality of life found in LaGrange.

Historic Map (PDF)  

Executive Committee

Chairman – Edward Smith
Vice-Chairman – Skip Smith
Treasurer – Bill Stump
Secretary – H. Speer Burdette
Past Chairman – Heather Graham

Design Guidelines

The Design Guidelines Committee serves to guide physical improvements in the downtown area so as to maintain the historical and traditional architecture of  LaGrange. Emphasis is placed on keeping downtown LaGrange viable and inviting to shoppers, investors, business owners and visitors. The Design Guidelines Committee oversees the Façade Grant Program and the Downtown Bench Project.

Marketing & Promotions

The purpose of the Marketing & Promotions Committee is to promote downtown LaGrange as the center of commerce, culture, and community for life for residents and visitors alike. Residents enjoy traditional events through out the year, along with new campaigns, promotions, and events that provide enjoyment in LaGrange’s beautiful downtown setting.

Economic Development

The Economic Development Committee identifies new market opportunities for the traditional commercial district, finds new uses for historic commercial buildings, and stimulates investment in property. The economic development committee develops a thorough understanding of the district’s economic condition and its best opportunities, focusing on incremental changes that gradually improve the area’s economic foundation and eventually make large-scale investment possible.