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Grow with Google

Our office is honored to be the hub for the Georgia branch of Grow with Google. Through Grow with Google, we offer 100% FREE classes and services to help you further your small business utilizing Google's tools and other business resources. Not a small business owner? No problem! We are here to help employees, entrepreneurs, aspiring business owners, and everyone in between. 

We know the hard work it takes to own and operate a small business. That is why we have a true passion for helping small businesses thrive, and we are honored to play a small role in assisting in your success.

April Ross - Google digital coach

Meet April Ross! A small business owner and entrepreneur herself, she has firsthand experience of the daily struggles and needs many business owners face. April has been trained by Google and is the host for all of our classes.

Sign up for one of April's classes here:


Tim Morrow - Small Business COACH

Meet Tim Morrow! Tim is our office's small business coach. He is available to meet one-on-one for free, individualized business consulting. He offers a wide variety of services including: 

  • Creating a strategic business plan

  • Analysis of financial statements

  • Loan underwriting criteria

  • Resource help - legal, accounting, risk management

  • & More 


Email Tim to set up a meeting:

*Please note that Tim is not affiliated with Google. 


Lily Hamilton - program coordinator

Meet Lily Hamilton! She is the program coordinator for Grow with Google. She handles the scheduling of classes and maintains an email database for attendees. Want to be in the know for upcoming classes?

Email Lily at:

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